Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Ann Curry Dressed As A Bullfighting Nun?

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I haven't been able to find any really good still images of what Ann Curry was wearing on Monday's Today Show, but when it was airing live and I caught a quick glimpse of her my reactaion was WTF? You can see what I'm talking about at this link, if you have the patience to stream until she's on air. There are a couple of shots of her within the first 5 minutes.

Update: The content at the link above is regularly refreshed and the episode with Ann wearing the bullfighting nun costume is no longer available. I looked around for images of her wearing that get up, but alas, could not find any.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

No, It looks good on you, though

I've seen a couple of women seriously wearing these things around lately. Which is great, if you're going for the Uri look from the 2005 Smirnoff Ice ads.

"....this here is my homeboy Gorb - he's real crazy dude"

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Originally posted 3/4/07

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Bringing sexy back, mustache style - Day 1

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So, due to a combination of my personal incompetence and a string of unlikely circumstances, I now must grow a mustache for ~2 weeks. Today is day 1 of not shaving.
Note: This has been edited to remove a link to a mustache image b/c I was getting 40 visits a day from people looking for mustache images.

Additonal terms of this deal, which was part of our fantasy football league rules, include not being able to tell anyone why I'm growing a mustache [other than to say things along the lines of, 'because mustaches are cool'], and I cannot dodge work-related events. I plan on somewhat complying. My action plan is to grow a general beard for 2 - 5 days, which should take me into or through the weekend. In between I've got the CIMA holiday party tonight, which will be cool, seeing everyone in the Chicago interactive marketing community with a day's worth of unkempt facial growth. I also have the Leo Burnett / Starcom annual holiday party on Friday. So I'll then see everyone I work with on a daily basis, plus all the company mgmt, etc., with 2 days of ragged beard kickin'.

By Monday I'm hoping to have a semi-respectable goatee, which I'll use to guard what I'm expecting to still be a pretty weak stache, along the lines of what this guy is sportin'.:

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This goatee will be just in time for a conference that I'll be attending, meeting a good number of industry peers for the first time. Cool. Also a small chance I'll be participating in a new business pitch with goatee.

Next hurdle is the Starcom / Miller holiday party on the 14th. Will probably maintain goatee through that event, then bring it down to a stache on the 15th, at a full 10 days of growth, and will keep it for as long as I can tolerate or until the rest of the league can gather to publicly, collectively witness my foolishness.

Originally posted 12/06/06